New Beginning Church

Of God Bulletin


Pastors Joseph & Catherine Bernard




We trust that you will find a friend in us; someone 

 here to pray with you and someone here to   

support your daily walk with Christ               



June 28th.  Building FundSunday                                                                                                                                                                  

June 28th.  Communion Sunday………………..…11:00am

                  Pastor Cathy will be ministering

June 28th.  Fellowship Sunday…………………….6:30pm

                  Pastor Cathy will be ministering

July 1st.     Wednesday Night…………………..……7:00pm

                  Pastor Joe will be ministering

Happy Birthday:

Jim Brown 6/28, Natalie Boyles 6/29, Wayman Mahaffey 7/1

Amanda Langley, Bill Parker & Steve Pennypacker 7/3

Happy Anniversary: 

Plan Ahead:

July 5th.  No Evening Service

July 22nd. Patti will be ministering

July 25th. Women of God Breakfast

July 26th. The Gideons will be here

July 29th. Tisha will be ministering





(MATTHEW 6:33)

From the Pastor’s Desk for the  

Month of May

Prayer digs the channels from the reservoir of God’s

boundless resources to the tiny pools of our lives. 


Instead of waiting upon the Lord, some people

want the Lord to wait upon them.


By the time a man realizes how right his father was,

He has a son who thinks he’s wrong.


One reason a dog is such a loveable creature is that

His tail wags instead of his tongue.



Operation Christmas Child 

Our goal will be to fill 200 boxes in 2015 to bless 

the Children for Christmas, by the Grace 

of God; we can meet and excessed our goal.

Thank You - Pastor Cathy


From Pastor Joe

I pray that the Lord will give to 

each and everyone a rich and full life

"In Christ In 2015."

Pastor Joe


Things to pray about and for: 

The Paschall Family ask you to pray for the family; Tim and his

brothers, because of the passing of their father Lonnie.

They were truly blessed by the love and support of everyone.

Tim said, "he has never seen a group of people who came

together to help and surport other people in their time of need." 

THANK YOU to their New Beginning Family for their prayers.


We have received the finances to replace the outside 

 air unite.The outside air unite has been replace

and I want to thank each and everyone that give

toward the replacement of the unite; I pray that the

Lord will bless each and everyone that gave their part.

Pastor Cathy 


Continue to remember our bothers and sisters

who's names are on the prayer lists 

Please keep all of them in your prayers.

Pastor Cathy


Families in Need

Please pray and ask "The Lord" what He would have you

to give this year to help meet the needs of the

needy families in the Church all year long. 

Pastors Joe and Cathy 


Notes of Encouragement 

Continue to be a blessing to one another by sending a

note of encouragement; only takes a minute of your time.

Is someone worth a minute of your time this week???

There are notes of encouragement in the back for all  

occasions; please feel free to send as many as you want to.

The prayer sheet, anniversary list and birthday list are all good places

to look for someone who may appreciate a card from YOU!!!

Please continue using the notes of encouragement.


New Idem:

T-shirts with the Church Logo on them; there will be a sign-up sheet on  

the information board in the future, also more information will be coming

forth about sweatshirts and caps in the Church announcements.



As you read the words of this poem think

about what the words means to  




A Perfect Christian

You could count on a perfect Christian To always be gentle and humble, To be immune to sin, And never, ever stumble. He’d study and remember All of God’s commands; He’d be trustworthy, moral and honest; You’d know just where he stands. With others, she’d be in harmony; She’d never lose her cool; Forgiving and forgetting, Following the Golden Rule. He’d surrender his life to God, Full of joy and peace, Free of stress and worry… Perfect, pure release. She’d lift up everyone, Full of sweet compassion, Free of worldly wants, Ignoring worldly fashion. But we can’t ever be perfect, So we always need to pray For the strength to do our best To love God and obey.