New Beginning Church of God Bulletin


Pastors Joseph & Catherine Bernard




We trust that you will find a friend in us; someone here to pray  

with you and someone here to support you in

your daily walk with Christ.


July 27th. Building Fund Sunday

July 27th. Communion Sunday………………...11:00am

                Pastor Cathy will be ministering

July 27th.   Fellowship Sunday……………6:30pm

                  The Gideons will be sharing

July 30th.  Bible Study………………………….7:00pm

                 Tisha will be ministering

Happy Birthday: Vic Golden 8/1

Happy Anniversary:

Plan Ahead:

Aug. 24th. Fellowship Sunday…Sharing about

                 Operation Christmas Child


From the Pastor’s Desk

Put God first and you will never be last.


Families in Need

Please pray and ask God what He would have you to give this year to 

 help meet the needs of the needy families in the Church all year long 

Pastors Joe and Cathy 


Notes of Encouragement 

Continue to be a blessing to one another by sending a

note of encouragement; only takes a minute of your time.

  Is someone worth a minute of your time this week???

There are notes of encouragement in the back for all 

occasions please feel free to send as many as you want.

Please continue using the notes of encouragement.



Independence Day Prayer 


On Independence Day I am reminded of all those who have sacrificed for my freedom, following the example of your Son, Jesus Christ. Let me not take my freedom both physical and spiritual for granted. May I always remember that my freedom was purchased with a very high price. My freedom cost others their very lives. 




Lord, today bless those who have served and continue to give their lives for my freedom. With favor and bounty meet their needs and watch over their families . 




Help me to live my life in a way that glorifies you Lord, Give me the strength to be a blessing in someone else’s life today, and grant me the opportunity to lead others into the freedom that can be found in knowing Christ. AMEN