New Beginning Church

Of God Bulletin


Pastors Joseph & Catherine Bernard




We trust that you will find a friend in us; someone 

 here to pray with you and someone here to   

support you in your daily walk with Christ.


For Prayer And Prayer Requests

Call: 1-302-492-8436  E-Mails: 


Oct. 23rd. Building Fund Sunday

Oct. 23rd. Morning Worship……..….....……..….11:00am

                Pastor Cathy will be ministering

Oct. 23rd. Sunday Evening Service…………………6:30pm

                Pastor Cathy will be ministering

Oct. 26th. Bible Study……...…………………...….7:00pm

                Pastor Joe will be ministering

Oct. 28th. Hallelujah Night…………………………6:30pm

Please bring in treats for the kids goodie bags.

Invite a friend, bring some hot dogs,

snacks and maybe a pot of chili

and enjoy another good

time of fellowship.

Happy Birthday: 10/26 Charles Morris 10/28**Christine Traverse**

                                       Melody Passwaters 10/29

Happy Anniversary:

 Plan Ahead:

Oct. 30th. Pastor Appreciation: Sign up on the bulletin board.

                Bay City will be here to minister is song.

Nov. 12th. Women of God Breakfast………………8:00am

Nov. 16th. Last day for Operation Christmas Child

Nov. 27th. Fellowship The Itzel Family will be ministering


 Operation Christmas Child

Filled Operation Christmas Child boxes,

donations for shipping,

or stuff to fill boxes is due in by Nov 16th.


Basket of Giving

Thanks to every one who decided to participate

in Code Purple drive last year;  it was a

great success of given and shareing of

the many blessing that the Lord has

given to us with other that are in

need of help 

But 2016 is here and we will

have to start all over again

this year to help those

that will be in

need of our





(MATTHEW 6:33) 

From the Pastor’s Desk for the  

Month of September

October 2nd

Thanks to everyone who helped make our

Annual Sunday Picnic a huge success.

October 9th

No one has ever made themselves strong

by showing how small someone else is. 

October 16th

Every path has a few puddles.

 October 23

Leave the past and Face the Future with Christ


From Pastor Joe

I pray that the Lord will give to 

each and everyone a rich and full life

"In Christ In 2016."

Pastor Joe

Things to pray about and for: 

Continue to remember our bothers and sisters

who's names are on the prayer lists 

Please keep all of them in your prayers.

Pastor Cathy 

Families in Need

Please pray and ask "The Lord" what He would have you

to give this year (2016) to help meet the need of the

needy families in the Church all year long. 

Pastors Joe and Cathy  

Notes of Encouragement 

Continue to be a blessing to one another by sending a

note of encouragement; only takes a minute of your time.

Is someone worth a minute of your time this week???

There are notes of encouragement in the back for all  

occasions; please feel free to send as many as you want to.

The prayer sheet, anniversary list and birthday list are all good

places to look for someone who may appreciate a card from YOU!!!

Please continue using the notes of encouragement.

New Idem:

T-shirts with the Church Logo on them; there will be a sign-up sheet on  

the information board in the future, also more information will be coming

forth about sweatshirts and caps in the Church announcements.


As you read the words of

this poem think about what

the words mean to  


"Your Word"

Your Word Your Word, O Lord Is wisdom

and truth And we need to know this

When in our youth To have it embedded

Deep in our hearts To never give it up

And never let it part We need to know

The truth there in That will lead us to

life And free us from sin Your Word,

O Lord Is faithful and just And in

your Word We must put our trust

© By M.S.Lowndes